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I always wanted to write fiction. After qualifying as a doctor, I bought an electric typewriter with my first pay check and banged out half a novel while working as a junior hospital doctor. It was never finished as life and medicine got in the way but I didn’t lose the writing bug.

I started writing features and Dear Doctor columns and ended up authoring over 70 self-help books on health and nutrition. Having recently given up full-time work, I finally found time to revisit my dream.

In retrospect, non-fiction was easy – I just researched the facts and put them together in a more simple, coherent way. With fiction, I have to make up the facts myself which is infinitely harder. But it does provide leeway to invent things that even quantum physicists would find challenging…

I love Indiana Jones style adventures, Ancient Egypt, science fiction and fantasy, and White Powder of Gold brings all these elements together in a speculative way.

The initial idea came when Ötze – the iceman mummy – was found in a glacier in 1991.

This got me thinking… what if an expedition medic came across the tomb of an ancient Egyptian god? One whose skeleton was 3 metres long, with a large domed skull and six digits on each hand and feet like some of the myths of ancient giants?

And then I remembered the ancient alchemists seeking the elusive way to create gold and thought…. what if these myths arose because gold has three physical phases? As different from one another as diamond is to graphite and soot? My fantasy evolved from there…

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Sarah Brewer

Image credit: Paul Chambers