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‘I’m a doctor, not a bloody superhero,’ insists Saxon de Carey, expedition medic and fellow of All Saints College, Cambridge. But as Earth faces destruction by an imminent solar flare, Saxon confronts a world changed forever since he discovered the tomb of Tehuti, last of the Ancient Egyptian Gods.

What powers have the tomb’s mysterious relics unleashed? Where are his missing students? Is the ancient prophecy coming true? Is he the fabled stepu destined to save Earth from destruction?

As his career implodes, Saxon must face the ShemsuHor priests whose ancestors once served the ancient deities. While some want to save civilisation, others yearn for zep tepi, the mythical first time, and plan to inherit an Earth cleansed of humans, ready for the second coming of their gods.

Sarah Brewer’s globe-hopping adventure explores how the search for immortality corrupts, yet life only has meaning because it must come to an end.